Monday Morning Chatter: What Did You Think of 'Cowboys & Aliens'?

Monday Morning Chatter: What Did You Think of 'Cowboys & Aliens'?

Aug 01, 2011

In a surprising finale at the box office this weekend, at first glance it's looking to be a draw between Cowboys & Aliens and The Smurfs, with each film taking in $36.2 million. In the coming hours we're sure to see one pull ahead of the other, but for the purpose of this piece we'll call it a tie (even though we'd totally be down for an old-school duel between Daniel Craig and Papa Smurf to see who really deserves the top spot).

Considering Captain America took in $65 million the weekend before -- and Cowboys & Aliens came packed with a cast that featured both James Bond (Daniel Craig) and Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford), its $36 million is kind of a disappointment for Cowboys & Aliens. The weird genre crossover may have played a part in the lower box office total; either that, or folks are just tired of alien invasion movies.

Did you see Cowboys & Aliens this weekend? Sound off below and let us know what you thought of it. A worthy addition to the alien invasion genre, or a film whose many ingrediants eventually overpowered the final dish?

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