Reel TV: Frank Darabont's New Series 'Mob City' Looks to Do What 'Gangster Squad' Couldn't

Reel TV: Frank Darabont's New Series 'Mob City' Looks to Do What 'Gangster Squad' Couldn't

Aug 13, 2013

If you love stories about the criminal underworld of 1940s Los Angeles, you were probably disappointed by Gangster Squad, the glossy but lifeless Hollywood-ization of the real story of how the L.A. police tried to do whatever they could to take down a rising criminal ring. Despite all of the talent in front of the screen, Ruben Fleischer's film just didn't have any personality to it. Judging by the first trailer for it, Mob City looks like it has personality to burn.

Created by Frank Darabont (The Shawshank Redemption) and based on the book L.A. Noir: The Struggle for the Soul of America's Most Seductive City, Mob City tells a familiar story of corrupt police going bullet to bullet with ruthless gangsters, but what sets it apart from other versions of the same subject matter is the episodic format (of course) and the cast. It stars Jon Berenthal, Jeffrey DeMunn, Ed Burns, Alexa Devalos, Neal McDonough, Milo Ventimiglia and Simon Pegg. And if you're having a weird time picturing Pegg in 1940s L.A., don't be. It looks like he fits right in.

TNT produced six episodes of the show, which the network is calling an "event series" right now. Should it prove popular, though, Darabont and company have plans to go deeper into the story in a way that would support a serialized drama. And let's hope it earns that, because so far it looks pretty damn good.



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