'Mission to Lars' Trailer: How Far Would You Go to Meet Your Favorite Rock Star?

'Mission to Lars' Trailer: How Far Would You Go to Meet Your Favorite Rock Star?

May 17, 2012

Honestly, we hadn't even heard of Mission to Lars until pressing play on the trailer, but boy are we glad we stumbled across it. Heck, after watching just the trailer, even the tagline for it plucks at our heart strings: "Everyone deserves one adventure in their life."

Mission to Lars is a documentary about Tom Spicer, a man whose entire life has been limited due to Fragile X Syndrome (the most common known cause of autism). But Tom has a dream. He wants to meet Lars Ulrich, Metallica drummer/co-founder. So his siblings decide to take him on a road trip to try and do just that. This is their story.

If you don't care about Metallica, or if you hate Lars Ulrich, or if you don't like documentaries, just trust us and press play on this trailer. It'll warm your heart in no time.

Unfortunately, Mission to Lars currently doesn't have a US distributor, but hopefully it'll have one soon. If you live in the UK, though, the film is going on tour in June. Check out the official website for dates and info. [via The Daily What]

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