Reel TV: ''Godzilla' Writer and Steven Spielberg Bringing 'Minority Report' to the Small Screen

Reel TV: ''Godzilla' Writer and Steven Spielberg Bringing 'Minority Report' to the Small Screen

Aug 22, 2014

It's easy for a movie to come and go these days without leaving much of a dent on our cultural vernacular. However, even 12 years after Steven Spielberg and Tom Cruise gave us the world of PreCrime police officer John Anderton*, people constantly reference Minority Report. Any kind of technology that involves predicting people's behavior gets tied to Minority Report, as does any sort of user interface where someone is using their hands to swipe through a visual minefield of data, or interactive ads.

But it has been 12 years since the movie hit, so maybe it's time for a new generation to get in on the psychic, crime-fighting fun. At least Spielberg is hoping that's the case, because The Wrap tells us he's enlisted Godzilla screenwriter Max Borenstein to turn the movie into a TV show.

And, really, that's all we know for now. There's no talk of network, no talk of stars, just that Borenstein is outlining the show while Spielberg is producing. And that's enough to get us excited. People love police procedurals, but there's only so much you can do with our boring, "ripped from the headlines" real world, so a sci-fi procedural is more than welcome. Last year's Almost Human was a good try, but Fox predictably already gave that show the axe, so maybe Minority Report can take up the slack. 

If they follow the course of the movie - a PreCrime agent who gets shown a crime he will commit - they've already got at least a season's worth of mystery. Just extend the timeline in which the agent sees his own future so that it's months away, not days. That gives him plenty of time to solve his own future, while also processing murders of the week.

Or maybe they'll turn this into a kind of origin story, and it'll show the development of the precog program and its first implementation in the world. That, too, could be promising, but conceptually it gets a bit more dense. It would be nice to see them explore the psychic side of things a bit more, though. What if there are other paranormal persons in the world beyond just the precogs? There's a ton of territory to explore here.

If you need a Spielberg sci-fi fix on TV right now, you can check out Extant. It stars Halle Berry as an astronaut who comes back from a solo mission in space to discover she's pregnant. From there it becomes a bit like Solaris and a bit like A.I., which are two heady sci-fi movies we wouldn't exactly expect to be playing out on prime time network TV.

*Yes, Minority Report is based on a Phillip K. Dick short story, but the movie made far more of a pop-cultural dent than the original story.




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