The 'Minecraft' Movie Finds a New Director In An Unlikely Place

The 'Minecraft' Movie Finds a New Director In An Unlikely Place

Jul 21, 2015

It seems like not since the original Mario Bros. has a video game penetrated pop culture as far and wide as Minecraft has over the last few years. Minecraft products are sold pretty which in every store a kid can wander around in. If you see a kid taping away on a tablet screen, they're probably playing it, and if they're not, they're probably watching a video of someone else playing it. Minecraft is, in a word, huge.

So of course it's getting turned into a movie.

Were this 2013, this news would be a tad worrisome because Minecraft doesn't actually have a story to it. It's a game that fosters creativity and world building. It's not rich with story lore and complex mythos. The player basically just gathers resources and then does whatever they want with them. Each person plays it differently.

But this is 2015 and we've all seen how well The Lego Movie turned out, which was another movie based on a popular kids phenomenon that doesn't actually have a story that screams "Movie!" As long as the people making it embrace the creativity and randomness and strangeness inherent to the actual product, something special might just happen.

Warner Bros., who also made The Lego Movie, is hoping that's the case, at least. They had once hired Shawn Levy to direct the big screen version of Minecraft, but he left at the end of 2014. Now the game's developer, Mojang, has revealed that It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia star and co-creator Rob McElhenney has been hired to direct Minecraft. Though he has directed a few episodes of It's Always Sunny and has a fantasy movie in the works at Legendary, this will be McElhenney's feature debut. 

No release date has been set yet, but you can count on WB wanting to strike while the Minecraft iron is still hot. Then again, the game's popularity shows little signs of slowing down, so they have more than enough time to get it right. Until then, here's a fan made version of the trailer for The Lego Movie using Minecraft.


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