Miley Cyrus Is the Worst Influence on American Youth

Miley Cyrus Is the Worst Influence on American Youth

Jan 31, 2011

After spending a week trapped in the mountains of Park City, Utah, at the Sundance Film Festival, I've finally been allowed to return to you, my faithful readers, so we can join hands and make fun of Hollywood together. Not a whole lot has happened since we last met. Charlie Sheen went crazy again (more on that later), and Hollywood is still busy congratulating themselves for the films they put out last year (seriously, anyone else have awards fatigue?). But perhaps the greatest news to come out of last week was that Miley Cyrus has been hilariously deemed to be the worst influence on American youth.

So, yes -- Miley Cyrus is now officially worse than heroin.

In a poll conducted by the website Just So You Know, Cyrus came out on top as the world's worst influence on American youth with 58% of the vote (99,000 people voted). Unfortunately it seems drugs, alcohol, Charlie Sheen, Celebrity Rehab, and Jersey Shore were left off the poll for some reason, and so Cyrus' opponents included Lindsay Lohan, Teen Mom's Amber Portwood and Demi Lovato.

So let's get this straight. Miley Cyrus, who likes to wear a sexy outfit from time to time and smoke legal substances out of a bong, is worse than a girl who's been arrested and imprisoned multiple times in one year;  a teenage mother who beats her baby daddy;  and a drug addict struggling through rehab visits. Good to know the teens of America know the definition of a bad influence.

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