Which is Worse: Lindsay Lohan Playing Elizabeth Taylor or Miley Cyrus' 'LOL' Movie Trailer?

Which is Worse: Lindsay Lohan Playing Elizabeth Taylor or Miley Cyrus' 'LOL' Movie Trailer?

Jan 10, 2012

Look, we're not interested in tearing down actors or actresses here at Movies.com because we'd much rather focus on the good things movies bring us than the bad things. But then you get some stories that just make you go hmmm -- like this latest one from Deadline, who tell us that Lindsay "My Last Name Should Be Trouble" Lohan may move on from a much-publicized nude Playboy spread to playing screen icon Elizabeth Taylor in an original Lifetime movie called Elizabeth & Richard: A Love Story. The intense romance between Taylor and Burton was one of the most notorious in Hollywood history, and while Lohan and Taylor have taken different paths when it comes to their on-screen career, the two share similar fiery personalities that may actually make Lohan a decent match for Taylor ... on the small screen. This isn't the first role Lohan has been interested in playing since her stints in jail and rehab, and maybe you've noticed but she hasn't actually done anything yet, mainly because the girl is too expensive to insure. More as it hits ...

Meanwhile, awhile back we told you about Miley Cyrus' next film LOL, and that it sounded like the former Disney star was using this movie as a platform to show the world that she's grown up and into grown-up things, like bong hits, binge drinking and obsessively checking her Facebook status. At first we thought the film -- which also stars Ashley Greene and Demi Moore -- was going to be one of these gritty festival flicks that transitioned Cyrus from the warm and cuddly to the dark and jaded, but one look at the newly-released trailer tells us this film is like the movie equivalent of checking your Facebook and Twitter pages for updates every three minutes. Honestly we're not even sure what this is about, nor what's different about this film versus just going to the mall and watching a group of teenagers texting with their friends for two hours. You be the judge and check out the LOL (hey, isn't that a Joe Swanberg movie?) trailer below. LOL is due out sometime this year.

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