Miley Cyrus Bong to Sell for Five Figures?

Miley Cyrus Bong to Sell for Five Figures?

Jan 05, 2011

You folks had a lot to say last time we checked in on Miley Cyrus and BongGate 2010. Here were some of your comments:

"Good job Miley. Let lose and enjoy yourself. Who cares what these over-judgemental critical a**holes, that think they are better then everyone because they are forced potty trained, have to say. You're having good times and that's all that matters."

"She's such a kid lover!!!!! Huuh???? She is such a wierdo!! never liked her! She better get a grip of herself!!!!!!!!! take the advice Miley. WWhat ur doing cant solve the problen hun!!!1"

"Oh shut the hell up...everybody at least once in their life has either smoked something illegal or has done something illegal!!! SMOKE IT MILEY SMOKE IT,AND IF I KNEW YOU I WOULD SMOKE IT WITH YA!!!!"

Always nice to see the reader support around here. But anyway, ever since Cyrus was caught ripping hits of salvia out of a bong, the story has blown up to the point that the bong owner is finally taking some responsibility for initiating the situation ... by attempting to sell the bong for five figures.

According to TMZ, originally the bong owner did not want to part with his "precious," but soon realized that someone might actually want to own this thing since, ya know, Miley Cyrus has, like, billions of fans, many of whom don't even know what a bong is because they're too busy wondering what the hell happened to Hannah Montana.

That said, he's currently fielding offers via this email --, and is convinced he'll hit it rich. Something tells us it won't be long before those dreams go up in smoke.

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