Miles Teller Weighs In For Oscar Contention with 'Bleed For This' Trailer

Miles Teller Weighs In For Oscar Contention with 'Bleed For This' Trailer

Jun 29, 2016

The trailer for the next great boxing movie has arrived, and it's a knockout. Miles Teller stars in Bleed for This as real-life champ Vinny Pazienza, aka Vinny Paz, "The Pazmanian Devil," and he could be a contender for an Oscar if this first spot is any indication. The sports biopic offers the actor an awards-baiting premise of critically injured athlete defeating all odds to make an inspiring comeback.

And with Ben Younger (Boiler Room) at the helm, with his first feature in more than a decade, plus the genuine talent of the Whiplash star, Bleed for This looks deserving of the consideration it might be a in line for Academy recognition. If your impression is also that the movie feels like a Martin Scorsese picture, that's fine because the Raging Bull director is one of its producers.   

Joining the very beefed-up Teller for the drama on screen are a balding Aaron Eckhart as trainer Kevin Rooney, Ted Levine as trainer and manager Lou Duva, Ciarin Hinds and Katey Sagal as Vinny's parents, Amanda Clayton as his sister, and Christine Evangelista as a girlfriend named Ashley, who is probably a composite character.  

Watch the trailer via Entertainment Weekly below and check out the whole thing when it opens in limited release on November 4 and then wide on November 23.




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