Michelle Rodriguez on Cheating Death in ‘Resident Evil: Retribution’ and Being Kickass

Michelle Rodriguez on Cheating Death in ‘Resident Evil: Retribution’ and Being Kickass

Jul 15, 2012

Known for her tough roles, Michelle Rodriguez will be rising from the dead in Resident Evil: Retribution and Fast Six. We got to chat with Rodriguez at a roundtable interview on Friday before she joined the entire cast at the Hall H panel.

Here are a few highlights.

On returning to the Resident Evil franchise:

Rodriguez: Everyone has to sale everything to me that’s why I’m not wealthy. [Laughs] I’ve been doing this sh*t for 13 years and after a while of killing me off, people realized, “Hey wait a minute, an independent girl who doesn’t rip her clothes off isn’t that bad after all.” I’m like a phoenix, man.

Everyone has got kids and they’ve been doing this sh*t for like 10 years. It’s amazing. I love it. The only way I can explain is like coming back to a TV show that you were a part of and you were kind of sad when you saw it throughout the years and you said, “Aww man, I wish I was still on the team.” And then you hop back on board and it’s like you never left.

Think of all the movies that came out during the time the first Resident Evil came out, it brought a new flavor to the genre. I remember begged Paul to let me be a part of it. I really loved the f*cking  video games so much. I thought it was the coolest thing, I was such a geek.

I’m still part of the franchise because I actually believe that level of chaos could actually occur in the future. Maybe not in our generation but the idea that population control is an issue and various countries are coming up with their own way of downsizing. By 2040 there are going to be nine billion people on the planet. I wouldn’t put it past anybody to come up with some sort of bio-weapon to size down shit.

On her character Rain:

Aspects of her haven’t changed but there is an interesting twist where you get to see a variation of Rain. You get to see different aspects of her personality that had never been seen before. I can’t really express how interesting. [Laughs] There’s a good Rain and a bad Rain. I’m sure you’re all wondering if it’s a virus that ignites hormonal imbalance from time to time like PMS or some other geeky situation.

On Milla Jovovich:

I love what Milla has done with her career. It’s inspiring for a lot of women. I remember watching her kill it with this innocent approach. I think her in Fifth Element is what a woman super here is. Because you got heart but at the same time you can kickass but it’s innocent so that to me is the true power of a woman.

On returning to the Fast and Furious franchise:

Vin Diesel was hearing out the people. The people, it was a petition. It wasn’t the studio. It was the people. People were like, “We want Letty back, we want Letty back. Dom and Letty, Dom and Letty.” They made videos and sh*t online. He saw them and he was like, “Hey studio, check this out. I think that you guys made a little boo boo. Let’s try it out with her back.” I think that’s really what happened.

I am really excited for Fast Six. I really hope that we can make it happen. For me, the beauty of the franchise is this cultural unity. It’s kind of like if you look at the Resident Evil cast. I love that. I love it when you bring different cultures together and make a really awesome movie that entertains people and you don’t talk about the fact that you’re different from each other, kind of like Star Trek. Star Trek I think started that sh*t a long time ago, but now outside of the sci-fi world and in a realistic realm which is the action film world, I’m hoping that this film does justice to that because that’s what I’ve always loved and admired about the franchise is creating iconic imagery of cultures from around the world and unifying them in a movie that people actually enjoy. Hopefully a blockbuster movie that people enjoy, but it’s a hard process, man. It’s a fricking hit or miss. At the end of the day I’m not going to lie. So I’m just crossing my fingers and hoping that everybody’s got their game hats on.

On why she loves Comic-Con:

Rodriguez: I’m really looking for inspiration. I want to see today’s culture and generation translated into the product that’s introduced here at comic-con every year.

I’m really just itching to hear of a cool f*ckin’ kickass bitch that I can play, a cool superhero. I’m always wishing that somebody will come up and be like, “There’s this awesome sick fricking comic book character that’s vigilante, so cool, so independent, so generation me. You’ve got to check it out.” Hasn’t happened yet but I’m waiting for it.

On writing her own projects:

I used to be the girl who used to collect comic books when she was a kid. I have to find the happy medium in between sexy and cool, and feminine and masculine to be able to pull it off. I just don’t have the f*cking time. I’m always doing these damn sequels. I love them to death. I’m so grateful for them so please don’t go away. [Laughs] I’m too busy to write.

Resident Evil: Retribution hits theaters on September 14.

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