Michael Moore's latest, a Cheers reunion and Hobbit news

Michael Moore's latest, a Cheers reunion and Hobbit news

Jun 19, 2009

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    Kelsey Grammer They’re Gonna Live Forever Both Frasier and Lilith are in this trailer. Cheers reunion!
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    Coco Chanel Amelie + Cigarettes + Fancy Clothes = Rowr! The trailer’s got pretty much everything I’d ever want in a movie.
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    Untitled Michael Moore Bailout Movie

    Michael Moore A Michael Moore Doc the GOP Might Finally Like His next target: the federal bailout of the banking system. Just in case you weren’t still pissed off about our lack of health care.
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    The Time-Traveler’s Wife

    The Time Travler's Wife Free Advice for All You Single Dudes Take that special someone on a second date to this flick and you will absolutely get some later that night.
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    The Lord of the Rings Is It 2011 Yet? We’re still a few weeks away from finding out who’ll play Bilbo, but in the meantime you can read up on some geeky Hobbit speculation here, including some departures from the book text that only the most irritating Tolkien purist would find offensive.

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