Michael Mann Cooking Up More 'Heat'

Michael Mann Cooking Up More 'Heat'

Mar 17, 2016


In December 1995, a movie about police and thieves made a big impact. Heat, written and directed by Michael Mann (above right), featured the first meeting between Robert De Niro and Al Pacino in the same scene. Beyond that, it was a large-scale and extremely stylish action movie that became a box office success, eventually earning more than $187 million at the box office worldwide.

Now Mann wants to tell another story related to Heat. It's actually a rather small element of much bigger plans that he has in mind, according to Deadline. The filmmaker will launch Michael Mann Books with the goal of publishing books that will be simultaneously developed as potential film and television projects. Mann will work with a "core group of authors" to produce both fiction and non-fiction books and may share writing credit on selected titles.

Reportedly, a prequel novel to Heat is "high on the priority list." The novel will examine the early years of the leading characters in the movie, including the thief played by De Niro and the police detective portrayed by Pacino. Those characters were inspired by the real-life experiences of Chicago police detective Chuck Adamson, who began tracking longtime thief Neil McCauley in 1961 and helped end his criminal career in 1964.

Adamson shared his story with Mann in the late 1970s, while Mann was working as a writer in the television industry, and Mann completed the first draft of his screenplay before making his feature directorial debut with 1981's Thief. He revised the script after he finished Thief, and eventually abridged it for a 1989 television version titled LA Takedown that he directed.

The ideas obviously stuck with him and he was finally able to make the rather magnificent Heat a few years later. Mann has always been fascinated by true stories as the source material for his dramatized screen versions and believes that extensive research is a very important tool, not only for himself and his film crews but also for the actors, and that definitely paid off with an exciting and authentic movie.

We could easily imagine Mann sharing the stories and research that fueled Heat with a trusted writer to inform the prequel novel. If things turn out well, perhaps that will eventually become another movie.

Mann is currently still prepping Enzo Ferrari, a period piece on the famed Italian sports car maker that is scheduled to begin production this summer, though it's in need of a star since Christian Bale dropped out in January. In the meantime, we'll definitely keep up with the possibility of a Heat prequel heading to the big screen.

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