A Michael Jackson movie, really? And if you missed Comic-Con...

A Michael Jackson movie, really? And if you missed Comic-Con...

Jul 30, 2009

  • Michael Jackson


    Creepsploitation He may be dead, but Michael Jackson isn’t going anywhere except to a theater near you on Oct. 30. Sony shelled out $60 mil for Jacko’s “This Is It” concert tour footage, which will be edited to feature-film length. This on top of the 12 million views of “Thriller” on Youtube and 9 million in CD/download sales just goes to prove death was a pretty smart career move. Please, let this really be it….
  • Comic-Con

    COMIC-CON ’09

    Fanboys, Unite This year’s Con was bigger and badder than ever. Missed it?
  • Rachelle Lefevre


    “You’re Fired!” Rachel Lefevre has been summarily let go from the third in the Twilight saga due, says Summit, to “scheduling conflicts” with another movie she’s making, her evil vampire character Victoria now to be played by Terminator Salvation’s Bryce Dallas Howard. Either her indie flick Barney’s Vision was so important as to jeopardize a role in a hugely successful franchise, or something else is to blame.
  • Seth Rogen


    Someone Call Judd Apatow The “Entourage” writers call the actor’s “ugliness…oddly fascinating” and say he’d never get a gal like Katherine Heigl in real life. What, you mean a guy who’s rocketed to fame and fortune in some of the most successful comedies in recent years, dating an actress with two rom-com flops and a bad reputation to her credit? There’s a comedy in there somewhere.
  • Hayden Panettiere


    Marketing Fail The Wall Street Journal is reporting Fox’s dismal lapse in judgment with a disastrous campaign that entailed hiring a real-life high school valedictorian to announce her crush at graduation in hopes of creating a viral sensation. Why not just try to make a good movie instead?

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