Rare Home Movie Footage Reveals Michael J. Fox's Crazy Nickname on 'Back to the Future III'

Rare Home Movie Footage Reveals Michael J. Fox's Crazy Nickname on 'Back to the Future III'

Oct 07, 2015

If you're looking for a piece of juicy behind-the-scenes footage that's bound to reveal the delicate intricacies of filming Back to the Future III, this is not it. But if you're in the mood to watch some fun, '90s-era home movie footage from someone who happened to live next door to where they were filming part of the finale of the Back to the Future franchise, you've come to the right place.

As the video shows, Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) is donned in his Western gear and back at his house in 1985, chatting with his parents and Biff. This is right before he goes to meet up with his girlfriend Jennifer, eventually reuniting with Doc and his new family of time travelers.

There is one amusing fun fact buried in this video, though, and it's the name on the back of Fox's chair on set. It reads: "Roller of the Eyeballs." Why, exactly, is that on there. Slashfilm (via Tom F. Wilson Online) dug up an old quote from Tom F. Wilson's diary circa 1991 that appears to explain the name.

"As a joke, the prop men have changed the back of Bob Z’s chair. Underneath ‘Robert Zemeckis’, it now reads ‘Guardian of the imagination’. Michael is having his chair changed to read ‘Michael J. Fox, roller of the eyeballs’."

Why did he want that particular nickname -- we do not know. Did he roll his eyeballs a lot on set? Probably something close to that. Regardless, are we the only ones who think Zemeckis' nickname -- Guardian of the Imagination -- would make a great title for a Zemeckis movie? 

And don't forget these other items available now or later this year in celebration of the Back to the Future anniversary -- even if not officially tied-in to or licensed for the occasion:

- A new picture disc vinyl edition of the Back to the Future soundtrack, available October 16, 2015.

-- A new short film starring Christopher Lloyd, to be available on the Blu-ray anniversary release.

-- The Pepsi Perfect bottle from Back to the Future II.

- A new Back to the Future comic book series, debuting in October 2015.

- Outties, a new company that sells inside-out jeans.

- Real-life power-lacing Nike sneakers, due out by the end of the year.

- Real-life hoverboards produced by Lexus, hopefully commercially available soon.

- A replica of the Delorean time machine that you can make out of Pepsi cans.

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