Fassbender and Ridley Scott Reuniting for McCarthy's 'The Counselor'?

Fassbender and Ridley Scott Reuniting for McCarthy's 'The Counselor'?

Feb 10, 2012

actor Michael FassbenderThe Counselor’s wild ride just keeps getting crazier.

When author Cormac McCarthy turned in the script back in December, people were surprised because no one knew the No Country for Old Men author was writing it. By mid-January, the film already had producers. By late last month, Ridley Scott decided he wanted to direct, and now in early February there are already A-list actors dying to be involved in the film. The Counselor could, as Deadline points out, be shooting in a mere six months time from when McCarthy turned in the completed script. If you don’t follow Hollywood, that’s pretty much unheard of.

The newest name attached to the project, which is being billed as “No Country for Old Men on steroids,” is none other than Michael Fassbender.

The Shame star isn’t officially cast yet, but given that he’s just finished working with Scott on his quasi-Alien prequel Prometheus, we wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if he lands the part.

The film focuses on a lawyer who gets involved with the drug trade while convincing himself he can stay on the periphery. The assumption proves wrong, and he’s forced to fight for his survival. We can certainly see where the No Country comparisons come from.

No word on what part Fassbender might play, but we think he’d make a great bad guy. It’s intriguing to think of an actor like Fassbender playing a character like No Country’s Anton Chigurh. We don’t know that such a distinctive character exists in The Counselor’s script, but if it involves drug dealers and other assorted villains, there has to be some meaty role for Fassbender, right?

For now, we’ll just have to wait and see – but knowing that this project is racing along toward shooting is certainly great news. We'll bring you more as this story develops.

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