Watch: Tom Hanks Eulogizes Michael Clarke Duncan, Plus Duncan's Memorable Oscar Nod Reaction

Watch: Tom Hanks Eulogizes Michael Clarke Duncan, Plus Duncan's Memorable Oscar Nod Reaction

Sep 11, 2012

Michael Clarke Duncan Green Mile

It still hasn’t sunk in that actor Michael Clarke Duncan is no longer with us. The gentle giant who captivated audiences in films like The Green Mile passed away last week due to complications tied to a heart attack he’d had earlier this year.

With the actor now laid to rest, we thought we’d share two great clips commemorating his career and his passing.

First up, the actor’s funeral was a star-studded affair – but Tom Hanks stole the show, recounting a funny story from Duncan’s past that brought a lot of laughs at what was a sad event.

Hanks tells a story about Duncan joining a gang when he was young – and his mother’s reaction to this news. Hanks, who’s become known primarily as a dramatic actor over the years, reminds us that he was (and still is) a funny guy while recounting this story – plus his Duncan impression is pretty great.

Our second clip goes back to happier times – featuring footage of Mr. Duncan appearing on Access Hollywood. Duncan watches video of himself learning he’d been nominated for an Academy Award for his work in The Green Mile. The excitement is contagious as he tackles his friend in a bear hug.

The actor then goes on to share what the experience of being at the show as a nominee was like. What’s really impressive – and what we’ll miss most about Duncan – is how genuine he was. All celebrities talk the talk about being thankful and grateful, but Duncan comes across as completely sincere. We never doubt for a second that he geeked out like a fan when he saw guys like Sylvester Stallone.

We lost MCD way too soon – but his work will live on forever. We hope you enjoy these clips. 

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