Michael Bay to Produce Dystopian Action Movie About China Taking Over America

Michael Bay to Produce Dystopian Action Movie About China Taking Over America

Jan 25, 2017

Michael Bay is not optimistic about the state of the world. At least it certainly seems that way based on the movies he's been making. 13 Hours was an angry blast against bureaucratic inaction. The Purge takes place in a nightmarish vision of a bloodthirsty, dystopian America. Even Optimus Prime, whose got optimism right in his name, becomes a bad guy in the next Transformers movie!

But all of those movies are just setting the stage for what may be Bay's most zeitgest-prodding movie yet. It's called Little America and is set in a future where an unnamed U.S. President has bankrupted the nation, which leads to China calling in its debts and taking ownership of this dystopian America. That's just the scenario, though. The actual plot is basically a riff on John Carpenter's Escape From New York, and involves a Chinese billionaire recruiting a former American service member to rescue his daughter from an American ghetto.

And while Little America may sounds like a grim affair, The Hollywood Reporter's sources try to spin it as being "sci-fun" instead of "sci-fi." That's kind of a meaningless phrase, but we assume they're hinting at something that's less a cautionary scolding and more like The Purge-- a firmly tongue-in-cheek tone that embraces its surreal, topsy-turvy vision of the future.

Bay is currently not attached to direct Little America, he's just producing writer Rowan Athale's script along with his Platinum Dunes partners, Andrew Form and Brad Fuller. There is no release date set, but considering Universal just bought it in what's described as a bidding war, and the current political climate we're in, it's probably not going to take too long to get off the ground.


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