Watch: The Trailer for Michael Bay's 'Need for Speed'

Watch: The Trailer for Michael Bay's 'Need for Speed'

Nov 04, 2011

Christina Hendricks Need for Speed

Say what you must about Michael Bay's films, but at least he takes such ownership of his style that it might as well be legally trademarked. So much so that when the makers of the highly popular racing game series Need for Speed needed to cut a trailer for their new game, The Run, they didn't just say to their own editors, "Make it look like a Michael Bay movie, " they said, "Just hire Michael Bay to make it."

Of course Bay is no stranger to directing commercials. Even though he makes millions up millions off of feature films, he's still selfless enough with his time to direct Victoria's Secret commercials, so why not do a racing game as well? Yes, when Michael Bay "slums it up," it involves photographing supermodels and playing videogames with Christina Hendricks. His life makes the others in the 1% look like bums.

Below you'll find the trailer for Need for Speed: The Run, and below that you'll find the making-of video featuring Bay and Hendricks talking about the game. And below that, just for comparison, you'll see the exact anti-thesis of a Michael Bay video game trailer: Ed Zwick's super sappy ad for Uncharted 3.

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