Michael Bacall is Writing '21 Jump Street 2' Right Now (Plus His First Thoughts on 'Project X 2')

Michael Bacall is Writing '21 Jump Street 2' Right Now (Plus His First Thoughts on 'Project X 2')

Mar 09, 2012

He probably doesn't want to admit it for fear of bad luck, but screenwriter Michael Bacall is riding one helluva hot streak right now. Not only does he have two films in theaters in the same month (21 Jump Street, Project X), but both of those films have just announced plans for sequels. We caught up with Bacall to chat with him about 21 Jump Street (with a twist of Project X) -- not to mention his nerdy trip through 1980s Child Actor Land, in which he had bit parts in shows like The A-Team, The Wonder Years, Punky Brewster and more -- but before we get to that interview (a fun one for yours truly), we wanted to let you know what the man had to say about those two sequels.

Firstly, yes, Bacall is writing 21 Jump Street alongside Jonah Hill once again, with the writer confirming to us that he was working on the script for 21 Jump Street right before our interview. So naturally we pressed him for clues as to where he's taking the sequel, with Bacall admitting that those clues will already be there for audiences to decipher when the film hits theaters next week. "I'm not allowed to talk about it right now, but there might be a hint in the first one as to where it's gonna go," Bacall told us.

As for Project X 2, that's a different story. Bacall was hired to write a treatment for it, not the entire script. And based on that treatment, the studio, along with producer Todd Phillips (The Hangover), will decide if it's worth pursuing. "My job is to execute a story and a structure -- especially in regards to what I've been hired to do on this Project X sequel, which is what I was hired for on the first one, to write the treatment," Bacall told us. "I need to come up with something that Todd (Phillips) is happy with and the studio is happy with, and something that's fun for me as well. So those are the primary considerations."

So has he come up with that story yet? "I can't talk about that too much, but I'll say it's gonna be a challenge to outdo that party. We may have to burn down the entire world in the next one. [laughs] We'll see where it goes ... it should be fun."

We'll have more with Bacall, who also told us a great story about the time he played an orphan child on an episode of The A-Team, early next week.

Project X is in theaters now, and 21 Jump Street hits theaters on March 16th.

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