'Miami Connection' Starts and Ends the 2013 Oscar Conversation

'Miami Connection' Starts and Ends the 2013 Oscar Conversation

Oct 26, 2012

Awards season is upon us. From now until March of 2013, every new release's Oscar potential is going to be broken down bit by little bit. And the closer we get to the night of the golden statues, the more for-your-consideration ads will start to dominate movie trade and industry websites. These are studio and agency attempts to buy their way to an award; to carpet bomb the Web and print with the appearance that everyone is talking about their movie. 

Hopefully this year they all call it a day, though, and just donate the stacks of cash they'd spend on FYC ads to charity. There's only one movie that deserves all of the award talk in 2013. It's called Miami Connection, and it will rock you to your core.

More specifically, the Best Supporting Actor conversation starts and ends with a one Vincent Hirsch. This young, fresh-faced Adonis pours his heart and soul into Miami Connection. You will believe that he's a member of a martial arts rock band, made entirely of orphans, trying to rid Florida of its cocaine and ninjas. You'll feel the sexual heat when he makes out with his girl in the surf (if only there were an award for Best '80s Necking). You won't be able to control your grooving when he takes the stage to jam into your very soul. And you'll tremble in awe when Hirsch grabs a samurai sword and starts putting ninjas in their place: six feet under.

Miami Connection opens in limited release on November 2, 2012. And if it's not playing at a theater near you, bring it to you. Trust us. You need to behold its glory.

Fun fact: The above trailer was edited by Hobo with a Shotgun director Jason Eisner.

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