How Much Will It Cost to Own the World's Most Valuable Movie Poster?

How Much Will It Cost to Own the World's Most Valuable Movie Poster?

Jun 26, 2012

Metropolis poster artIf you love movie posters and have a spare million or so bucks you’re looking to invest, you might be interested in knowing that the world’s most valuable piece of movie art is up for auction.

Yes, the one-sheet for Fritz Lang’s sci-fi masterpiece Metropolis is about to hit the auction block as part of owner Kenneth Schachter’s bankruptcy case. The owner listed the poster’s value at a paltry $250,000 in his legal filing, but it’s listed for sale at $850,000 – with many saying it could easily crack the $1 million mark.

The poster, which has been billed as “the crown jewel of the poster world,” was painted by German artist Heinz Schulz-Neudamm to commemorate the release of Lang’s futuristic feature back in 1927. Featuring some great line work and amazing shading, it’s become almost as iconic as the film it promotes.

The piece (and one of its alternates, featuring German text) are amongst two of the ten most valuable film posters of all time. Shachter purchased his copy for $690,000 at auction back in 2005.

It’s not entirely surprising that the one-sheet is so highly valued. A quick perusal of the ten most valuable and sought after movie posters of all time reveals that genre films are king of the market. Six of the top ten entries currently feature horror icon Boris Karloff – including two versions of his 1934 film The Black Cat (co-starring Bela Lugosi) and his unforgettable portrayal of Frankenstein. Check out this piece from The Guardian for a full rundown of the ten rarest and collectable film posters of all time.

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