'Metal Gear Solid' Creator Says the Movie Might Not Even Be Called 'Metal Gear Solid'

'Metal Gear Solid' Creator Says the Movie Might Not Even Be Called 'Metal Gear Solid'

Sep 20, 2012

A few weeks ago brought news that Sony was renewing efforts to turn the seminal Playstation franchise Metal Gear Solid into a movie. It wasn't the first time they tried to adapt the story of covert agent Solid Snake's (ongoing) attempts to take down a renegade terrorist group, and fans of the game were torn about whether or not a movie was even a good idea at this point.

As it turns out, Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima isn't even sure it's a good idea.

Kojima recently gave fans at a convention in Japan a few more nuggets about the film, and Kotaku was there to pick up on it all. He joked to the crowd that he never asked for a movie, and that his series was only ever created as a game. On top of that, he clarified that he does not have any quality control approval over the final film, though it's possible he might contribute to the script.

Perhaps the strangest nugget of info to come out of the event, however, was Kojima's comment that the movie might not even be called Metal Gear Solid at all. Apparently producer Ari Arad is more fond of the title Project Ogre, which is the codename for another game Kojima is working on. Metal Gear Solid is still supposedly the source material for the movie, but for unknown reasons Arad likes that title better. And that really makes us wonder, if you're going to spend millions and millions of dollars turning a very well-known video game franchise into a probable film franchise, why bother changing the name?

All of that could change if a Metal Gear Solid movie ever even happens, of course. It's a dense, increasingly wacky plot to turn into a movie, so while we share Kojima's cautious curiosity in seeing how it turns out in Hollywood's hands, we also won't be surprised if the movie just fades away. The project is still without a director or attached screenwriter, so it's ultimately no closer to reality than it was when Sony first started talking about a MGS many, many moons ago.

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