Mel's Beaver, Alba's a Little Focker, and Going Green

Mel's Beaver, Alba's a Little Focker, and Going Green

Oct 01, 2009

  • Roman Polanski


    From the Nutty Celeb Files All across Hollywood there’s a call out to Free Roman Polanski, who's finally on the verge of extradition for his conviction of having sex with a minor. Thank god Woody Allen’s at the forefront.
  • Mel Gibson


    He’s Groping Something, and No, It’s Not His Wife There are faaaar too many ways one can go here, so I’ll just let you feast your eyes on this.
  • Jessica Alba


    No Focking Way Pretty vacant Jessica Alba’s in talks to help finally end join the third in this strangely successful franchise as a pharmaceutical rep who wreaks havoc on the male characters. Wait, now it’ll be funny!
  • Joey Ramone


    Too Tough to Die Fox Searchlight is this close to making a movie about punk legends The Ramones, based on a book co-written by the band’s longtime chronicler, Legs McNeil. To which I say – hey, ho, let’s go!
  • The Green Hornet


    Lean and Green The just-released photos from the set are less interesting for what the actors are doing as to see how much weight Seth Rogen’s lost.

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