'Melancholia' TV Spot: See the Beauty of the End of the World On Demand (Exclusive)

'Melancholia' TV Spot: See the Beauty of the End of the World On Demand (Exclusive)

Oct 07, 2011

Melancholia PosterDue to recent events, the first thing people may think of when they think about Melancholia is writer-director Lars von Trier's impressive and consistent ability to lodge his foot spectacularly in his mouth. And that's a shame because the film really is a triumph despite its creator's bizarre relationship with the press. It's a crushing, haunting film filled with remarkable performances (particularly from star Kirsten Dunst, who shockingly sheds her fluffy Spider-man image), but not in the same ways as von Trier's last film, Anti-Christ.  

There are no grotesque shots of bodily harm or disturbing encounters with animals. No, Melancholia is, in a lot of surprising ways, a dark comedy about the possible end of the world. Of course, the range between when things are funny and when they're dark is vast, but it wouldn't be a Lars von Trier film if it didn't make you feel incredibly uncomfortable from time to time.

Melancholia won't hit theaters until November 11th, but it's available On Demand now via Magnolia's wide VOD platform, and we highly, highly recommend that you watch it in HD where available.  As you can tell by the below TV spot, this is a gorgeous movie and it deserves to be seen in the best visual quality possible (and with a loud, loud sound system to accompany it).

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