Mel Gibson's Comeback Begins with This Poster

Mel Gibson's Comeback Begins with This Poster

Nov 03, 2010

While Charlie Sheen parties with hookers, abuses women, does massive amounts of drugs and continues to flurish as television's top-paid personality, Mel Gibson is currently trying to figure out a way to piece his career back together. He attempted to revive it somewhat with a cameo in The Hangover 2 that got unceremoniously dumped when members of the cast protested. So with no agent, a divorce pending and the entire free world standing at his front door with pitchforks, all Gibson has left is the one film he made before this latest controversy sent his career plummeting faster than the box office numbers for a Saw film on its second weekend of release.

All hope is not lost, though, because while no one has decided if/when they should release this film, titled The Beaver, due to its star being one of the most hated men in show business right now, that hasn't stopped them (and director Jodie Foster) from creating a poster. Said poster is now on display at the American Film Market, and it shows a cleaned-up Gibson peeking out from behind his character's pet Beaver doll, which he totes around with him because he thinks it's real ... and communicating with him. Probably not so far off from real life, though we should replace the Beaver with multiple therapists and a bottle or two of whiskey. Wouldn't it be funny if, after all the doors being closed in his face and the nasty things being said about him in the press, Mel Gibson's career was actually revived by a Beaver puppet? Hey, stranger things have happened. I mean, heck, Mickey Rourke won an Oscar last year.

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