Mel Gibson to Join 'Machete Kills'? Meanwhile, Watch Joe Eszterhas Attack Gibson on the Today Show

Mel Gibson to Join 'Machete Kills'? Meanwhile, Watch Joe Eszterhas Attack Gibson on the Today Show

Apr 13, 2012

Just when it looked like Mel Gibson was readying his big-screen comeback, new allegations from screenwriter Joe Eszterhas -- who was working on a "Jewish Braveheart" script for Gibson -- have placed the troubled actor back in the controversial spotlight as Eszterhas continues to go public about his feud with Gibson, making all sorts of crazy claims about the time they spent in Costa Rica working on the film. Meanwhile, in Deadline's report about the Sin City: A Dame to Kill For press release issued late yesterday (read our post on that here), they claim director Robert Rodriguez is interested in casting Michelle Williams and Mel Gibson in unknown roles for his Machete follow-up, Machete Kills. Will that happen amidst all this Gibson/Eszterhas madness?

So far Gibson is trying to distance himself from Eszterhas, disagreeing with the screenwriter over what exactly went down in Costa Rica. According to Eszterhas it was complete mayhem, with Gibson ranting and raving and making threats while showing Eszterhas' 15-year-old son pornographic videos described as "sexual butchery." Eszterhas claims he has a tape of one such Gibson outburst that his son made; he even goes on to say his son slept with a butcher knife under his pillow because he was so afraid of Gibson.

All of it is pretty insane to listen to, and if that tape does go public it will definitely damage Gibson's future career in front of (and behind) the camera. Will that prevent Rodriguez from going after Gibson for Machete Kills? Perhaps. When Warner Bros. wanted Gibson for a Hangover 2 cameo shortly after his last controversial outburst, the cast refused to work with him. Could the same thing happen again here? 

Watch Eszterhas' crazy Today Show interview below, in which he makes some pretty harsh claims about Gibson, who, according to him, is far from the next Jewish Braveheart.

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