Mel Gibson Was Almost Cast As Wolverine and Here's What He May Have Looked Like

Mel Gibson Was Almost Cast As Wolverine and Here's What He May Have Looked Like

May 12, 2014



When there’s a film starring a man mutant with animal-like senses who is physically powerful, practically invincible, doesn’t age like a normal human, and gets to wear a badass metal claw (that’s attached to his skeleton!), you can bet that a lot of actors will be lining up to play him. Yep, Wolverine is pretty damn cool.

When it came time to cast the Marvel Comics character while X-Men was first in the works, naturally a lot of dudes wanted the part. Some were forced to turn down the role due to scheduling (Glenn Danzig, Russell Crowe and Dougray Scott included), but there was one name reportedly considered who was too “expensive” in the eyes of Fox.

Mel Gibson was still riding the waves of Braveheart popularity during that time and hadn’t become a PR nightmare yet, so it’s likely that his star power would have been attractive to the studio. Filmmaker Will McCrabb, who runs a fabulous Twitter account full of movie goodies, recently shared a piece of concept art by Miles Teves (Total Recall, RoboCop) that imagines Gibson in the part of Wolverine. It’s a great look at what might have been. Can you envision Gibson in the role of the animalistic mutant circa 2000?



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