Meet the Woman Who Paints Memorable Movie Scenes on Her Eyelids

Meet the Woman Who Paints Memorable Movie Scenes on Her Eyelids

May 22, 2013


Every time we think we're tired of seeing film-inspired makeup tutorials, we spot another one that reels us right back in. This is Canadian artist Katie Alves. She uses her eyelids as a canvas to paint tiny and surprisingly intricate scenes from various films. She seems to have a thing for Disney movies, and the fantastical visuals translate nicely into a makeup look. Her creations have been featured on television (Canada AM for one), and they've been viral hits on YouTube for some time now.

Although we favor her eyelid movie looks, Katie creates other theatrical designs that sometimes cover her entire face. We've posted her "Galaxy Makeup Tutorial" below, and it's quite beautiful. Bonus points for making it glow in the dark. Check out a few of Katie's looks, and then head to her YouTube channel to find out more. [via Design Taxi]




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