Meet Someone Who Doesn't Like Superhero Movies

Meet Someone Who Doesn't Like Superhero Movies

Aug 06, 2012

What if you're someone who really doesn't like superhero movies? Sure, for a good part of the year you'll find it relatively easy to blend in and seek out award-caliber films, festival hits or character-driven thrillers, but once you hit the summer blockbuster season you're screwed. How do you turn down an invite to see The Avengers? How are you not able to intelligently complain about The Amazing Spider-Man like all your other friends? Have you mastered that Bane imitation yet? Oh, that's right, you didn't -- because you never saw The Dark Knight Rises!

Well, if anything, this new video proves there might be others out there just like you. Or... maybe not.

Warning: This video includes profanity and is NSFW

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