Meet the New Cast Members of the 'Divergent' Sequel 'Insurgent'

Meet the New Cast Members of the 'Divergent' Sequel 'Insurgent'

Jun 18, 2014

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There were a lot of famous faces in Divergent and only a select few got a significant amount of time in the spotlight, but that’s not stopping director Robert Schwentke and his team from sticking to the source material and throwing even more major players from the book into the adaptation of Insurgent, due out on March 20 of next year.

At the end of the first film, Tris, Caleb, Peter, Four and Marcus flee the city and board a train heading for the perimeter. Dauntless is compromised and Abnegation was devastated by Jeanine’s simulation, so now it’s off to find allies in new places from different factions. On top of that, there was a whole class of Dauntless initiates that got axed from the first adaptation, but now they’re coming back. Find out who they are and who’s playing them below…

Suki Waterhouse is Marlene

Where You’ve Seen Her: Waterhouse first stepped in front of the lens as a model after being discovered in a pub in London. She made her feature film debut in 2012’s Pusher and also stars in the upcoming October 2014 release Love, Rosie alongside Lily Collins and Sam Claflin. Waterhouse also frequents the tabloids with her A-list arm candy, Bradley Cooper.

Faction: Dauntless

Character 101: Even though Marlene never made it into the first Divergent film, she was part of the book. Marlene is the same age as Tris, but as a Dauntless born initiate, she goes through the initiation process on the Dauntless-born side, not with the transfers. However, in the book, the Dauntless-born and transfer classes do cross paths at select events, like capture-the-flag night, which is where Tris first meets Marlene and her friends, Lynn and Uriah.


Keiynan Lonsdale is Uriah

Where You’ve Seen Him: Lonsdale is an Australian actor with Insurgent marking his very first U.S. production. He most recently had a 25-episode run on the teen drama Dance Academy.

Faction: Dauntless

Character 101: Keep an eye on this guy because he’s a fan favorite--and for good reason. Similar to Marlene, Uriah goes through initiation with the Dauntless born while Tris does so with the transfer initiates. Having grown up together in Dauntless, Marlene and Uriah are already quite close. Uriah’s older brother Zeke also makes an appearance in the books, but there’s been no word on whether the character will make his way into Insurgent as well.


Rosa Salazar is Lynn

Where You’ve Seen Her: Salazar had a recurring role on the third season of Parenthood. She also appeared on Body of Proof and Ben and Kate, but as someone with a soft spot for American Horror Story, her run as the nursing student in Murder House is the standout. We’ll also get a chance to catch Salazar on the big screen in Search Party with T.J. Miller, Adam Pally and Thomas Middleditch, due this fall.

Faction: Dauntless

Character 101: In the book, Lynn is another Dauntless born initiate going through the process at the same time as Tris. Whereas Marlene and Uriah’s first encounters with Tris are amicable and supportive, Lynn is a little more aggressive. In the first book, Lynn rocks a shaved head, but in Insurgent, when her hair starts to grow back a bit, Tris notes, “She is striking without trying to be.”


Emjay Anthony is Hector

Where You’ve Seen Him: Anthony’s got a movie out in theaters right now: Jon Favreau’s Chef. It’s highly entertaining and inspiring, and is actually one of my favorite films of the year thus far. His character is smart, capable and also shares a refreshingly unique and mature relationship with his on-screen dad.

Faction: Dauntless

Character 101: Hector is Lynn’s little brother. He doesn’t do all that much in the second book, but considering a big announcement regarding Anthony’s casting, perhaps the character will get a little more to work with in the big-screen rendition.


Daniel Dae Kim is Jack Kang

Where You’ve Seen Him: Kim’s got loads of noteworthy credits, many of which are for the small screen. He had runs on shows like Angel, ER and 24, but Lost is what turned him into a household name. Since the – er - loss of Lost, Kim found himself another hit show in CBS’s Hawaii Five-0.

Faction: Candor

Character 101: Jack Kang is a Candor leader. As Tris describes in the book, “Despite his good looks, he isn’t known for being charming, possibly because he’s Candor, and they see charm as deceptive.”


Naomi Watts is Evelyn

Where You’ve Seen Her: Where haven’t you seen her? For brevity’s sake, Watts scored Academy Award nominations for her performances in The Impossible and 21 Grams. She also led a personal favorite, The Ring, and is in the upcoming Michael Keaton-starrer Birdman.

Faction: Factionless

Character 101: This is a tough one to discuss while avoiding spoilers, but Evelyn is the leader of the Factionless. Tris points out, “Her features are stern, so angular they almost make her unattractive, but not quite.” When Watts’ casting was announced, it wasn’t just for Insurgent, but for Allegiant – Part 1 and Allegiant – Part 2 as well, so it should come as no surprise that this is one of the larger new roles in the next film. 


Octavia Spencer is Johanna

Where You’ve Seen Her: Spencer’s accomplished quite a bit since sweeping awards season in 2012 with her performance in The Help. A few notable entries since then include Smashed, Fruitvale Station and the upcoming release Joon-ho Bong’s Snowpiercer.

Faction: Amity

Character 101: The Amity vote on everything together and do not recognize a leader, but Johanna stands as their representative--or rather, as Tris describes, “their mouthpiece.” Even though she doesn’t know Johanna well, Tris recognizes her in a flash due to a nasty scar that extends from her right eyebrow to her lip, leaving her blind in one eye and speaking with a lisp.  


Jonny Weston is Edgar

Where You’ve Seen Him: Weston’s first feature-film credit is the 2011 release Someday This Pain Will Be Useful to You, but it’s more likely you know him from 2012’s Chasing Mavericks. Weston also leads the upcoming found-footage time-travel film Project Almanac, and stars in a SXSW 2014 entry worth seeking out called Kelly & Cal.  

Faction: Unknown

Character 101: Say hello to your very first original character. There is no Edgar in Veronica Roth’s trilogy, so who knows where he’ll pop up. Considering we’ve got zero information on the part, your guess is as good as mine, but I’m willing to bet that because Edward got steamrolled in the first film, perhaps Ben Lamb is out and Weston’s Edgar will step in as a disillusioned and vengeful member of the Factionless.

Insurgent is currently in production and is scheduled to arrive in theaters on March 20, 2015.

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