Meet the Crazy, Sadistic Villains of '300: Rise of an Empire'

Meet the Crazy, Sadistic Villains of '300: Rise of an Empire'

Feb 28, 2014

You will never look at Eva Green the same way again after watching her in 300: Rise of an Empire, we promise you that. In advance of the 300 sidequel arriving in theaters next week, Warner Bros. has released this new featurette highlighting the film's freakishly devilish villains, including the main baddie from the original film, Xerxes (Rodrigo Santoro). Not only will we find out how Xerxes managed to go from being a pretty normal-looking dude to a giant golden god-king, but we'll also get to see Green (as the vicious Artemesia) in the refreshing position of being the film's leading villain, using her swords to slice and dice her way through some of the toughest men on the planet. 

Just how nuts is Green in this? Well, we'll save that for next week. In the meantime, feast on the menacing duo by watching the featurette below. 300: Rise of an Empire hits theaters on March 7.

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