Meat Loaf to Make Musical Slasher Film

Meat Loaf to Make Musical Slasher Film

Aug 02, 2012

Film-festival favorite The Legend of Beaver Dam is one of the most entertaining short films we've come across in years. It's about a Cub Scout-esque troop of kids on a camping trip who awaken an undead killer named Stumpy Sam, and while the rest of the kids are frozen in fear, the bullied nerd of the pack steps up to take down the one-armed slasher. Oh, and it's a musical. It's funny, gory and frankly brilliant. We wish we could show it to you, but unfortunately director Jerome Sable has not made it available online.*

After first seeing it at Fantastic Fest in 2010, we've often wondered what Sable would be up to next. Today Variety finally has an answer for us. And thankfully it sounds like he's not straying far from the world of musical horror movies. And yes, we know that little genre niche isn't always great, but trust us when we say Jerome Sable knows how to do it right.

The movie is called Stage Fright and it's just cast Douglas Smith (HBO's Big Love) and Meat Loaf. We actually don't know where they fit into the movie yet, however, as Variety describes the film as being about, "a teen who lands a role in a Broadway-bound show. Her joy disappears when the production is terrorized by a masked killer."

We're certainly curious to see who that lucky final gal will end up being, but we're already over the moon about this news. Jerome Sable graduating to a horror feature is news worthy enough alone; that it'll feature Meat Loaf and the very promising Smith (who is also in the upcoming Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters) is just perfect.

*If you search YouTube, you will find a copy of The Legend of Beaver Dam, but do know that it's a recorded version of a TV-censored airing of it that's half as long as the real version. So, yeah, don't watch that. Here is the official trailer, though:

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