Maybe, Might, Possibly: Spielberg to Direct 'Gods and Kings', Rooney Mara to Star in 'Oldboy', 'Kristen Wiig to Skip 'Bridesmaids 2'?

Maybe, Might, Possibly: Spielberg to Direct 'Gods and Kings', Rooney Mara to Star in 'Oldboy', 'Kristen Wiig to Skip 'Bridesmaids 2'?

Sep 29, 2011

Actress Rooney MaraNow that cast wishlists and the like have become a popular form of news, we wanted to create one place that houses all that stuff. Maybe Might Possibly is a new feature here at where we'll collect all the potential casting reports floating around online and put them in one safe place.

-- Spike Lee’s westernized remake of Park Chan Wook’s thriller Oldboy is still chugging along. We already knew that Josh Brolin is set to play the lead in the story about a man who spends fifteen years trapped in a hotel room, only to be released and then go on a quest for vengeance against the person responsible for his imprisonment, and we’ve heard rumblings that Lee has targeted Christian Bale to play the villain. Whether that comes to pass or not, Twitch is now reporting that the production is looking for Rooney Mara to play the film’s female lead.

The site is quick to point out that Mara – who’s currently starring in the American remake of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – hasn’t been given a formal offer. However, neither had Brolin when Twitch broke that story, and it turned out to be true. So, whoever Twitch’s source is, he or she certainly seems to be in the know when it comes to this film.  Some of us here aren’t the biggest Mara fans (given the way she basically sleepwalked through her portrayal of Nancy in the Nightmare on Elm Street remake), but at least she wouldn’t be called on to carry Oldboy – so maybe this will work out if it comes to pass.

-- Warner Bros. has apparently decided that the “movies based on religious heroes” genre is wide open and ripe for the taking. We reported earlier that the studio was developing Mel Gibson’s cinematic retelling of the tale of Jewish hero Judah Maccabee, and now comes word that they’re trying to woo Steven Spielberg to direct a new project based on the life of Moses.

Titled Gods and Kings, the new project would follow Moses’ life in its entirety, hitting all the major events (including the parting of the Red Sea, his time with the burning bush, and receiving the Ten Commandments) and ending with his death. Sources say this isn’t a remake of Cecille B. DeMille’s The Ten Commandments, which covered a lot of the same story beats.

As Deadline points out, the idea of Spielberg directing a film like this is compelling, but there are many hurdles involved – including not only the director’s always packed itinerary, but also the fact that any project he is involved in would have to include his Dreamworks film label as well. Would Warners be willing to share the glory if Spielberg says yes? They’d be nuts not to.

-- Director Paul Feig has gone on the record saying that his film Bridesmaids – one of the summer’s surprise hits – was already ripe for a sequel before it released and made tons of money at the box office. Since then, the sequel buzz has only grown, but E! says that a follow up may never happen.

Co-star Jon Hamm tells the site that leading lady Kristen Wiig may not be onboard for a second film – which would really hurt the chances of a sequel ever getting off the ground. When asked, Hamm says “I don’t think Kristen is going to do it.” Then, when pressed about his own potential involvement, he adds “They need to lock [Wiig] before me.” Not a good sign for fans expecting more from these characters. 

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