The Mayans Were Right: Arnold, DeVito and Murphy Sign for 'Twins' Sequel

The Mayans Were Right: Arnold, DeVito and Murphy Sign for 'Twins' Sequel

Mar 29, 2012

When's the last time anyone out there watched Twins? Yeah, the vapid 1988 Ivan Reitman farce in which (get this) Danny Devito and Arnold Schwarzenegger played brothers! Yes, twins! Hence the title! {insert laugh track here} It's funny because Danny is so small and Arnold is a freaking behe.... 

Anyway, yes. Someone over at Ivan Reitman's company got the idea to resurrect this fluffy old relic and, since the first flick did make a ton of cash, Universal agreed to the scintillating concept. And what is that concept? The twins (omglol) find out that they're actually Triplets! No, yes, really! And the new brother isn't tiny or gigantic! He's black! He's Eddie Murphy! I'd chalk this all up as an early April Fools Day joke, but this is a Hollywood Reporter / Heat Vision article, and they're not exactly funny over there.

More on this cinematic product as it flops out of the trade papers.

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