Watch: Fan-Made Film 'Max Payne: Valhalla' Brings Videogame Franchise Back to the World of Film

Watch: Fan-Made Film 'Max Payne: Valhalla' Brings Videogame Franchise Back to the World of Film

May 14, 2012

Max Payne Valhalla still photo

It’s been a big month for Max Paynethe renegade cop who shoots first and asks questions later is about the see the long-awaited debut of his third videogame with this week’s arrival of Max Payne 3, and the grizzled detective has also made his return to the world of film – but not in the way you might expect.

Fear not, game lovers – Mark Wahlberg hasn’t signed on to do another big budget Hollywood film revolving around Max’s dark adventures. Instead, we’re bringing you the official release of Zapruder Pictures’ short film, Max Payne: Valhalla.

Written and directed by Guillermo Fernández de Oliveira and Javier Esteban Loring, the seven-minute short is an updating of the student film they made six years ago entitled Max Payne: The Beginning of the End. It’s impressive to look at what kind of progress they’ve made in the interim.

While not 100% faithful to the game story (a concession that had to be made because of practical considerations according to the filmmakers), Valhalla is still instantly recognizable to anyone who’s played Rockstar’s gritty action title. If the noir tone and brutal gun violence didn’t give it away, we suspect the visual homage to the game’s “die and reload your last save” mechanic would have.

According to the filmmakers, Valhalla took almost four months to complete – and required financial assistance that was received thanks to an IndieGogo crowdfunding initiative (this allowed them to shoot the final scene at the helicopter landing pad atop the Torre Europa in Madrid). The effort was worth it – but don’t just take our word for it, check out Max Payne: Valhalla below. 

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