Max Barry's New Novel 'Lexicon' Attracts 'X-Men' Director Matthew Vaughn

Max Barry's New Novel 'Lexicon' Attracts 'X-Men' Director Matthew Vaughn

May 31, 2012

X-Men: First Class director Matthew Vaughn has dipped into his own pockets to purchase the rights to the Max Barry novel Lexicon, set to publish next year. The filmmaker will be writing the script and will direct the dystopian, futuristic tale according to Deadline. The story is set in a world where words have become lethal and deviously persuasive weapons to control others, led by members of a secret, ancient, global organization. "Their most gifted and troubled member, a young woman, breaks the society's primary rule and falls in love."

Vaughn's been busy working on his X-Men and Kick-Ass sequels, but an advance copy of Lexicon sent by Barry (pictured above) immediately diverted his attention. Barry's other novels like Jennifer Government follow the same doom-ridden societal constructs, with nations controlled by terrifying corporate entities and more. It's the fifth novel for the author, which he chatted about briefly on his website
Is Vaughn the right match for Barry's nefarious, persuasive society thriller?

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