Matthew McConaughey May Play This Major Role in Stephen King's 'The Stand' Adaptation

Matthew McConaughey May Play This Major Role in Stephen King's 'The Stand' Adaptation

Nov 25, 2014

Matthew McConaughey

It’s Matthew McConaughey’s world at this point – the rest of us are just living in it. The star, who’s earned accolades for his recent work in Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar and HBO’s True Detective, is now reportedly very close to tackling the role of the villainous Randall Flagg – the ultimate force of evil in Stephen King’s postapocalyptic 1978 novel The Stand.

There were rumors that McConaughey was being eyed for the part a few weeks ago, and it appears there was at least some truth to those early reports. While McConaughey hasn’t been officially cast in director Josh Boone’s new adaptation (which has now been expanded from one three-hour film to four stand-alone entries), word is that it’s close to happening.

King’s massive novel, which was turned into a miniseries by ABC back in the early 1990s, finds most of the world’s population killed by a man-made super flu referred to as Captain Trips. Survivors are drawn to two spots – the farm of 108-year-old Mother Abigail in Hemingford Home Nebraska, or to Vegas, where Flagg and his group have set up camp. The two groups (and their leaders) have drastically different visions of how to rebuild America, which creates a biblical showdown of good versus evil.

McConaughey is the perfect choice to play Flagg, a monster masquerading as a man who’s been walking the Earth for quite possibly forever. The actor’s down-home charm should allow him to be quite the seductive representative of the dark side. If McConaughey takes the part, it could mean even more roles down the road. Flagg is one of many recurring characters in King’s work – including playing a major role in his The Dark Tower series, which Ron Howard is still developing.

The casting here isn’t official yet, but we’re crossing our fingers that it pans out. Boone is set to begin work shooting The Stand sometime next year, but no release dates have yet been announced.

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