Movie News: Chris Nolan Wants Matthew McConaughey for 'Interstellar;' More 'Vacation' for Chevy Chase

Movie News: Chris Nolan Wants Matthew McConaughey for 'Interstellar;' More 'Vacation' for Chevy Chase

Mar 29, 2013



Interstellar: Christopher Nolan has offered Matthew McConaughey the lead role in his sci-fi epic Interstellar. The movie reportedly involves wormholes, time travel and a voyage into space “to the farthest borders of our scientific understanding.” Nolan is working on a script with his brother Jonathan Nolan that will merge a new idea with an earlier project; McConaughey has been on a hot streak of late, with multiple acclaimed indies burnishing his reputation as a dramatic actor. [Deadline]

National Lampoon’s Vacation: In the latest installment of the long-running National Lampoon’s Vacation franchise, Ed Helms has been set to play Rusty Griswold, and now it looks as though he’ll be joined by Rusty’s parents in the original. Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo are in talks to reprise their roles as Clark and Ellen Griswold; the parts would only be cameos, in support of Helms and Christina Applegate, but their presence would surely be welcomed by fans of the franchise. [Variety]

Gangs of New York: Martin Scorsese’s 2002 historical epic Gangs of New York will be adapted for television. The show will expand on events in the film by visiting other cities, including Chicago, and explore the birth of organized crime. No network is yet attached, though it seems there should be considerable interest. Scorsese’s previous foray into the small screen came with HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, which explores Atlantic City in the 1920s; the fourth season will debut this fall. [The Hollywood Reporter]

The Amazing Spider-Man 2: As is his wont, director Marc Webber chose to announce the latest casting news for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 -- on the 38th day of filming -- via Twitter. Webber tweeted a photo of actor B.J. Novak on the set, but coyly declined to say which character Novak would be playing, instead jokingly referring to Novak's role on TV's The Office with the remark: "A  supposed rumor about a Dunder-Mifflin takeover of Oscorp?" [Screen Rant]

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

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