Update: Paul Greengrass Denies the Talk of Another Matt Damon 'Bourne' Movie

Update: Paul Greengrass Denies the Talk of Another Matt Damon 'Bourne' Movie

Sep 04, 2013

Update 9/4/2013: Paul Greengrass told Empire that talk of him doing another Bourne movie was the "figment of someone's imagination." Of course, that doesn't mean the below report wasn't true to some degree (perhaps negotiations started and ended with Damon before they even got to Greengrass), but you may not want to hold your breath for this one.


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It was only a few weeks ago that we were sharing news that Universal was moving forward on more Bourne movies, despite the Jeremy Renner-led The Bourne Legacy failing to do half of the box office numbers as Matt Damon's final Bourne movie. The studio had hired Sherlock Holmes screenwriter Anthony Peckham to draft up the next adventure in the spy series, but that was about the extent of the news. Now Twitch Film is reporting that the studio is in negotiations to get original star Matt Damon back in on the action.

There's a catch, though. Matt Damon doesn't want to return unless director Paul Greengrass does as well, and so the studio is simultaneously trying to put together a deal to get him back in the fold too. Surprisingly this doesn't actually mean that Jeremy Renner's character, Aaron Cross, is getting the boot. Twitch further reports that Universal could have two Bourne franchises operating side by side. And considering the Marvel universe proves that crossovers do big, big business, it's no grand mystery why the studio wants to set up a world in which that could happen.

And if you're wondering why Damon would demand that Greengrass return as well, his recent interview with the Huffington Post lays it out in no uncertain terms:

I feel that you're really good at choosing interesting roles.
It's really director-driven. I'm just convinced now that it's all about the director. Like, I've done movies with no script, do you know what I mean? And they've worked out. The last Bourne, The Bourne Ultimatum, we literally started that with absolutely no script.

The last time we spoke you mentioned you were miserable on that movie.
We were! Because that's no way to make a movie. But, when you have a great director, you can do it that way. When you have a great director and a script [Laughs], it's even better. So, that, really, has just become the only calculus that I kind of employ when making these decisions is the director.

Clearly the director matters to Damon, but, we're also guessing that Elysium only doing so-so at the U.S. box office is probably factoring in to the equation here as well. He may be searching for the magic that can happen when he stars in an action movie with some real smarts.

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