Movie News: Matt Damon Going 'Interstellar,' Then Directing; Patrick Stewart Teaches Acting; '47 Ronin' Trailer

Movie News: Matt Damon Going 'Interstellar,' Then Directing; Patrick Stewart Teaches Acting; '47 Ronin' Trailer

Aug 29, 2013

The Monuments Men

The Foreigner: Now that he's defended his good friend Ben Affleck as Batman, Matt Damon is finally ready to make his directorial debut. First, he'll travel to Iceland to play a small supporting role in Christopher Nolan's galaxy-spanning adventure Interstellar. Then, if all goes well, he will direct The Foreigner, based on a magazine article about a man who left behind a videotape implicating the president of Guatamala and other high-profile individuals in his death; Academy Award-winner Chris Terrio (Affleck's Argo) wrote the screenplay. [The Playlist]

For the Record: Baz Luhrmann: A new stage production in Los Angeles "reenacts memorable moments and music" from movies directed by Baz Luhrmann, including Romeo + Juliet, Strictly Ballroom, Moulin Rouge and The Great Gatsby. Rumer Willis, the daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, is making her debut as a musical theater artist in the show, which runs through October 19. [Los Angeles Times]

Quadruple Take Masterclass: "Her buns are the best." The sound of Patrick Stewart speaking that line, followed by his demonstrations of a single take, double take, triple take and quadruple take, are absolutely silly and yet completely charming in a video posted by his lady friend Sunny Ozell. We can't imagine a better acting teacher. [Vulture]

47 Ronin Japanese Trailer: Keanu Reeves stars in 47 Ronin, which our own Erik Davis descibed as kind of like 300 with samurai. A new trailer with Japanese titles demonstrates that action movies really are the international language; it's filled with swords, fantasy creatures and more CGI than you can shake a fighting pole at. The movie will hit U.S. theaters on December 25. [YouTube]



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