Matt Damon Explains the Story Behind His Greatest Cameo Ever

Matt Damon Explains the Story Behind His Greatest Cameo Ever

Jul 28, 2016

If you're a fan of Matt Damon and Matt Damon-starring movies, then you're most likely also a fan of Matt Damon's cameos. See, Matt Damon is fond of cameos. He may be one of the biggest movie stars in the world -- leading major hits like The Martian and this week's Jason Bourne -- but he's also a master at the bit part, the blink-and-you-miss-him role that often finds itself tucked into the corner of some random movie or TV show, just waiting to surprise you.

Our favorite all-time Matt Damon cameo might be the only thing you actually remember about the 2004 teen sex comedy EuroTrip, about a bunch of high school friends who go on a trip to Europe after one of them is dumped by his girlfriend.

But it's the scene where poor Scotty is dumped that stands out most, and it's because Matt Damon -- cameoing as a pierced, badass rock musician -- steals the entire movie with his rendition of "Scotty Doesn't Know."

Here's the scene.

In a recent Reddit AMA, Damon told the story behind this cameo, explaining how he wound up doing it for his college buddies.

"So EuroTrip was written by three guys I went to college with, Alec Shaffer, Jeff Berg, and Dave Mandell. I was in Prague shooting The Brothers Grimm, we were in rehearsals, and I had a wig in that movie, and so Alec and Dave and Jeff were making EuroTrip and they said "Will you come play this, you know, Howard Rollins* kind of insane, bad version of a suburban, you know, punk band guy?" And I said "Yea, I'm in Prague". So I showed up and I'm sitting there, and I'm like "I'm wearing a wig, just shave my head, let’s just go for it." and we did it, and put a bunch of piercings all over. And "Scotty Doesn't Know", the song, was actually written by one of my college roommates brothers, and in the band, one of my college roommates is actually in that back up band, Jason, is playing guitar in that group. So it was kind of a family affair."

*we assume he meant Henry Rollins

EuroTrip was not the last of the great Matt Damon cameos by any means. Here are a few more of our favorites, including the close runner-up to EuroTrip in the form of a hilarious cameo on Entourage, with Damon playing himself.

Warning: The following clip is NSFW


Here's another great Damon cameo alongside Brad Pitt in the George Clooney-directed Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. We love the subtle joke here as neither guy has any lines because they're being upstaged by some schlubby dude.


Damon is also friends with Kevin Smith, and not only has that lead to him starring in Smith's Dogma, but he's also fond of popping up in tiny roles, like this moment in Jersey Girl.


Damon's latest role is no cameo. Check him out returning to the part of Jason Bourne for the first time in nine years.

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