Listen: Matt Damon, on 'Elysium,' Future 'Bourne' Movies and Whether His 'School Ties' Character Is Still a "Pr*ck"

Listen: Matt Damon, on 'Elysium,' Future 'Bourne' Movies and Whether His 'School Ties' Character Is Still a "Pr*ck"

Jul 16, 2012

In Elysium, Matt Damon stars as Max, a desperate man who must use any means necessary to escape a ruined earth in the year 2154 in order to save his own life by traveling to a man-made utopia called Elysium that's hovering above our home planet, reserved solely for the ultrarich and powerful. Problems arise when a group of people -- including ruthless government officials (played by Jodie Foster and William Fichter), a maniacal sword-wielding assassin (Sharlto Copley) and various robot droids attempt to hunt Max down before he can successfully pull off his mission. Read our complete recap of the Elysium panel and footage preview here.

We sat down with Damon during Comic-Con for an exclusive chat about Elysium, with the actor unraveling some of the mystery behind the film for us. You can listen to our complete conversation below ...


And here are some main highlights from our chat:

On his character: "The guy I play is kind of a badass, but he's really just a dude. Like everyone on Earth, he's always dreamed of making it somehow to Elysium. By the time he's grown up, he's kind of resigned to just working in this factory. He's got a criminal past, but that's kind of behind him. Then, very early on in the film, something happens to him; he gets eradiated at the factory he works in, and he's got five days to live. So now he's got to get to Elysium within the five days ... or else he dies."

On the giant gun he's holding in that first released image: "When I met Neill [Blomkamp] he gave me a graphic novel he had done on his computer that was pretty insane, and along with that he gave me an entire book on weaponry that he had done that was his research into where he thought weapon systems might go in the future. So that's this CHEMrail gun that I have for a little while, and it's insane. "

Are there monsters or aliens in this film like in District 9? "No, but there are droids. Droids run a lot of the security for Elysium, and they're really badass."

On whether this is one of his best performances: "Yeah, I think so. The role is great and it's unlike anything I've ever had the chance to do."

Will we see Matt Damon in another Bourne movie? "If anyone had a script that was good ... it's really about that. There just hasn't been a good enough idea. If you look at the other three movies, the guy has wanted out the whole time and he finally gets out. So we'd bring him back to do what?

Is Matt Damon's character from School Ties still a "prick" all these years later? "I think he's totally still a prick. ... Let's see, it's 25 years later ... yeah, he'd be into some bad sh*t."


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