Watch: 90-Minute 'Masters of Horror' Documentary Is Like a Gold Mine for Horror Nerds

Watch: 90-Minute 'Masters of Horror' Documentary Is Like a Gold Mine for Horror Nerds

Oct 03, 2013


October is here, and we've officially reached Halloween territory. That means we'll be on a horror-film bender until the spooky holiday arrives later this month. There are plenty of fun releases to rent or see at the movies, but website Filmmaker IQ spotted something to whet our horror-loving appetites that's online right now.

Masters of Horror is a 90-minute documentary, hosted by Evil Dead Adonis Bruce Campbell. The doc takes us inside the minds of several horror gurus, including John Carpenter, Wes Craven, Stuart Gordon, John Landis, George Romero, Dario Argento and Guillermo del Toro. We also catch a peek inside the studios of several horror FX geniuses, like Rick Baker and Tom Savini. "The basis for most of my films is essentially true life," Carpenters states.

Later, Robert Englund shares another true-life tale about director Wes Craven. We've known for some time that the real-life story behind A Nightmare on Elm Street concerned Cambodian refugees who were disoriented and unable to wake themselves up (there were several reports of people dying, even), but to hear Freddy Krueger himself tell the story is chilling. We also learn that a young Craven spotted a man "with soot and scabs and an old hat" outside his window one evening when his parents weren't home (how very Freddy).

Del Toro fills us in on his own childhood. He was fed a steady diet monster B movies, Hammer films, and works by legends such as Mario Bava. Dario Argento talks about his struggles while making Suspiria. The powers that be attempted to change his work, because of its surreality and unique framing.

Spend an hour and a half with the masters of horror and soak up the Halloween vibes, below.




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