Marvel's Kevin Feige on the Movie He'd Personally Direct, Plus: Which Comic Property He Wants Back the Most

Marvel's Kevin Feige on the Movie He'd Personally Direct, Plus: Which Comic Property He Wants Back the Most

Mar 14, 2014

With three Marvel movies arriving in theaters in the span of only two months (Captain America: The Winter Soldier, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, X-Men: Days of Future Past), many may not realize that all three movies feature characters owned by three different studios. Sure, they're all Marvel characters, but the film rights for those characters are split up among various studios, all of which are trying to mimic Marvel Studios' successful model of building an entire big-screen universe full of multiple franchises utilizing the characters they currently own. 

Marvel Studios, for example, owns Captain America and the other characters associated with The Avengers, whereas Sony owns all things Spider-Man and Fox is in charge of the X-Men and Fantastic Four. Fans have always fantasized about multiple studios working together to create movies that allow, say, Spider-Man to go on an adventure with Iron Man, but the politics in Hollywood are way too complicated for that to happen anytime soon.

Still, when we sat down to chat with Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige, we asked him which property he'd want back the most: Spider-Man, Fantastic Four or the X-Men. "The answer is all of them," he told us. "It would be nice to have all of them back, all for different reasons. I think that will remain a theoretical question for years to come, though."

While on the topic of things that will most likely never happen, we also asked Feige for the one Marvel character he'd personally like to take on, if he were ever to write and direct his own Marvel movie. "The truth is I am having too much fun overseeing all of them and having a hand in all of them, and the only way to do that -- the only way to direct movies -- is to step out of much of the other work and focus entirely on one thing. Shaping all of the individual films on certain levels is too much fun to think about working on any single one."

But if he had to pick one? "Well, Dazzler is taken by Fox, so my first choice is gone."


Stay tuned for lots more with Kevin Feige as we inch closer to the April 4 release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier.




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