Marvel Studios Countdown: 'Iron Man' Concept Art, New Posters and More

Marvel Studios Countdown: 'Iron Man' Concept Art, New Posters and More

Feb 25, 2013

Perhaps you recall the opening scene of Iron Man 2, in which Tony Stark was shown a foreign country’s attempt to create its own military version of Iron Man? Only one design made it on-screen, but as is often the case with sci-fi films, a lot more conceptual work was put into the job than was evident in the film. Artist Scott Patton of Legacy Effects was asked to come up with several versions of the dud pseudo-Iron Men, and has all the photos.

Some of them are very much bad Iron Man knockoffs, while others, specifically China’s, look like real-world military prototypes for what an armored unit like that would actually look like.

And speaking of China, we finally got a character poster for Iron Man’s archenemy the Mandarin. This is the fourth in a series of character-specific posters, and the first really good look we’ve gotten at the bad guy. In the comics, Mandarin has never had a particularly consistent look, but somehow this still feels right (race aside). You can see all of the character posters below.


The last of our images today start to get into spoiler territory, so stop now or forever hold your peace.

We first heard that Iron Man might be going into space in Iron Man 3 when speculation kicked in over a Deep Space Armor Iron Man toy from Funko. The conclusion drawn was that Iron Man would meet the Guardians of the Galaxy at the end of his third movie, and considering that Iron Man 3 is still in production, and Chris Pratt was just cast as Peter Quill aka Star-Lord for a Guardians movie that’s still more than a year away, then it starts to seem quite likely.

Now Movieweb has uncovered concept art for that deep space armor, as it would appear in the film (and not as a cutesy big-head toy). This would seem to back up those rumors, but we should also point out that this could just be licensing art. Iron Man toys that coincided with the previous film releases have always had a few armor types that weren’t used in the films at all.

So, what to make of the other piece of leaked concept art: the “Hulkbuster” armor? If this is concept art from Iron Man 3, does this mean that we’ll see this in action against the Hulk somehow? Is there a possibility that it’s just a visual Easter egg in a background shot? Or, again, is this something that we’ll only see in toy form and never on the big screen? Let your imaginations run wild, Marvel fans. All of these questions and more will be answered on May 3, 2013.


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