Marvel Studios Countdown: 33 Top-3 Lists for 'Iron Man 3'

Marvel Studios Countdown: 33 Top-3 Lists for 'Iron Man 3'

Apr 22, 2013

There’s just a couple of weeks left until Iron Man 3! While official reviews are embargoed, a few people have already gotten the chance to see it and the buzz is good! Was there ever any doubt? Iron Man 2 may have been a disappointment in the shadow of part one, so all Iron Man 3 has to do is top that second film, and fans will be happy.

To celebrate the release of Iron Man 3, I decided to go all out with 33 top-three lists celebrating Tony Stark’s appearances across four films in the cinematic Marvel Universe (Iron Man, Iron Man 2, The Incredible Hulk and The Avengers). I like to think Stark would appreciate the excess of 33 individual lists devoted to his own self, instead of just one.


Top three moments in which Tony Stark seemed the most frightened...

1. During the out-of-nowhere firefight that opens the first Iron Man film

2. When Jarvis explains that Stark is dying

3. When he needs to clear the Stark Expo of civilians before the Hammer Drones arrive


Top three things that Howard Stark taught Tony

1. “Peace means having a bigger stick than the other guy.”

2. How to create the element that would save Tony’s life

3. A preference for weapons you only have to fire once


Top three obvious product placement moments in Iron Man...

1. Verizon

2. Burger King

3. Bvlgari watches


Top three obvious product placement moments in Iron Man 2...

1. Kodak

2. Dick’s Sporting Goods

3. Johnnie Walker


Top three sexy cars in Tony Stark’s workshop...

1. 1932 Ford Flathead Roadster

2. 1967 Shelby Cobra

2. Saleen S7


Top three things Tony Stark does to pass the time...

1. Fixes up hot rods

3. Collects model airplanes

3. Plays backgammon


Top three friends waiting on Tony when he returns home from captivity...

1. James “Rhodey” Rhodes

2. Pepper Potts

3. Happy Hogan


Top three real-world personalities that show up in Iron Man films...

1. Jim Kramer

2. Christiane Amanpour

3. Bill O’Reilly


Top three things Tony Stark gives to Pepper Potts...

1. A backless blue dress (she gives it to herself for her birthday as Stark’s gift)

2. Strawberries (which she is allergic to)

3. A homemade omelette


Top three people who use Stark’s technology for their own malevolent gain...

1. Obadiah Stane

2. Justin Hammer

3. Ivan Vanko


Top three countries with their own failed Iron Man experiments...

1. America

2. North Korea

3. Iran


Top three magazines to feature Tony Stark on their cover...

1. Forbes

2. Wired

3. Rolling Stone


Top three dangerous things Tony asks Pepper to do...

1. Overload the full-sized arc reactor

2. Hack into Stark’s own computer

3. Run Stark Industries as CEO


Top three non-dangerous things Tony asks Pepper to do...

1. Buy a Jackson Pollock (she does)

2. Wear a surgical mask when she has a cold (she doesn’t)

3. Cancel his birthday party and go to Venice with him (she doesn’t)


Top three things that Ivan Vanko loves...

1. Cockatiels

2. Tattoos

3. Toothpicks


Top three things that help Ivan Vanko escape from prison...

1. An explosive disguised as mashed potatoes

2. A key to his cell

3. A ringer to take his place


Top three actors who’ve played Howard Stark...

1. John Slatterly (Iron Man 2)

2. Dominic Cooper (Captain America: The First Avenger)

3. Gerard Sanders (Iron Man)


Top three most charitable actions by Tony Stark...

1. Raises money for firefighters

2. Donates his entire modern art collection to the Boy Scouts of America

3. Brings the Stark Expo to Flushing, New York, generating millions in tourist revenue and creating jobs


Top three things Pepper Potts asks Tony to do...

1. Sign the transfer paperwork to promote her to CEO

2. Leave her office when she’s busy

3. Return to the CEO position


Top three dumb things Happy Hogan does...

1. Spars with Black Widow, aka Natasha Romanoff

2. Drives directly into oncoming race cars in Monaco

3. Gets out of the car when Romanoff asks him not to at Hammer


Top three smart things Happy Hogan does...

1. Rams his car into Ivan Marko

2. Take an alternate traffic route to keep up with Stark on his way to the airport

3. Waits at the car for Pepper and Romanoff, which allows Romanoff to get to Hammer quickly


Top three aliases of the Black Widow...

1. Natalie Rushman

2. Natasha Romanoff

3. Natalia Romanova


Top three most quickly trashed Iron Man armors...

1. MK1 (the suit he uses to escape his captors)

2. MK5 (the portable silver suit)

3. MK6 (the suit with the triangle-shaped arc reactor)


Top three Ivan Marko tattoos...

1. 6969 across his right knuckles

2. The hammer and sickle

3. An eagle


Top three bands Tony Stark enjoys...

1. AC/DC

2. Black Sabbath

3. The Clash


Top three languages that Romanoff knows (that aren’t English or Russian)...

1. Latin

2. French

3. Italian


Top three people who know the access code to enter Tony’s workshop...

1. Pepper Potts

2. James “Rhodey” Rhodes

3. Obadiah Stane


Top three things that Stark does to piss Rhodey off...

1. Reveals himself as Iron Man for the first time

2. Gets drunk in the armor at his birthday party

3. Mocks the “War Machine” suit’s artillery


Top three things that Rhodey hits Iron Man with...

1. A kitchen countertop

2. A barbell

3. His fists


Top three traits that make up Romanoff’s evaluation of Tony for S.H.I.E.L.D...

1. “Displays compulsive behavior”

3. “Textbook narcissism”

2. “Prone to self-destructive tendencies”


Top three brilliant minds who Stark collaborates with...

1. Bruce Banner

2. Yinsen

3. Obadiah Stane


Top three people who come inside Tony Stark’s house unannounced...

1. Nick Fury

2. Agent Phil Coulson

3. Obadiah Stane


Top three drinks that reveal that Tony may not have a sophisticated palate...

1. Dirty martini

2. Jaegermeister

3. Dr. Pepper


Iron Man 3, a Shane Black film starring Robert Downey Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow, opens on May 3, 2013. There are 11 days until release.

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