Marvel Round-up: Who Owns the Hulk, a Potential Spider-Man Shows Off, and Chris Pratt's Charm Assault Continues

Marvel Round-up: Who Owns the Hulk, a Potential Spider-Man Shows Off, and Chris Pratt's Charm Assault Continues

Jun 22, 2015

Who owns the Hulk

A lot of fans have been wondering when we'd be getting a new Hulk movie, and while the answer isn't any more definitive today than it was last week, we at least know a few more details about who would actually be releasing the movie, if it were ever made.

We already knew that Universal, who put out both the Eric Bana and Edward Norton Hulk movies, still held a claim to the character, but now Forbes is reporting that Universal only has the distribution rights to any hypothetical movies. Or, more specifically, Universal has the rights of first refusal, meaning that if Marvel does ever make another one, Universal gets to decide if they want to release it. And since Marvel movies make approximately a quadrillion dollars each, it's a pretty safe bet that Universal wouldn't turn down a Hulk movie.

So, once again, the hold up on a Hulk movie is on Marvel's end. 


Chris Pratt, breaking your heart again and again

Chris Pratt has become -- seemingly overnight thanks to Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy -- the most charming person in America. And now his onslaught on the hearts of everyone, everywhere continues with a visit to Our Lady of the Lake Children's Hospital, where Pratt recreated his own Jurassic World raptor-taming meme with some of the patients in the hospital.


Is this Spidey showing off?

The clock is ticking on when Marvel and Sony will need to launch their new live-action Spider-Man series, but they still haven't actually cast Spider-Man. One of the big contenders is Ender's Game star Asa Butterfield, but despite some persistent rumors, he has not been officially cast. 

Another one of the rumored actors is Tom Holland. He hasn't been as persistently buzzed-about as Butterfield, but his name has also been in the mix, and now he's having fun with his fans by showing off some of his own stunt work. Is he toying with fans or just, as his Instagram says, bored? Probably the latter, but hey -- let the speculation continue!



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