Update: The Marvel "Phase One" Blu-ray Box Set Is Delayed, but Find Out When You Can Snag One

Update: The Marvel "Phase One" Blu-ray Box Set Is Delayed, but Find Out When You Can Snag One

Sep 06, 2012

Update: Yes it's true that Marvel/Disney has delayed the September 25 release of the very slick-looking "Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase One" box set, which comes with 10 discs and all six "Phase One" Marvel superhero movies -- as well as a nifty briefcase featuring the Cosmic Cube -- but we've just been informed that the box set will be available this spring in a redesigned case. So hang tight, it's still coming -- we just have to wait a drop longer. Fans of The Avengers need not worry though since that movie will still arrive on DVD and Blu-ray as planned this September 25.

See our original post below ...

8/30/12: Disney has quietly delayed the release of their elaborate Marvel Phase One Blu-ray box set, which would contain not only The Avengers, but the five standalone films that led up to it. The studio has yet to release an official statement on the delay (and our request for one went unanswered), but those who preordered the set on Amazon have received notices that their orders have been canceled and refunded. The product page now shows it as being completely unavailable.

The reason for the delay is most likely a lawsuit from a German luggage manufacturer who says that Marvel Studios did not license their briefcase design for use in merchandise. The studio had, however, gotten permission to use the suitcase in the film (it's what transports the Cosmic Cube), but housing this 10-disc Blu-ray set in a replica of said case is a trademark infringement and they're currently trying to settle the dispute.

Fortunately, this doesn't affect the September 25, 2012 release of The Avengers on Blu-ray, as that's just normal packaging. But if you were a collector hoping to get your hands on that sweet, movie-holding briefcase, you better hope that Disney pays whatever original manufacturer Rimowa GmbH is asking.

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