Geeky Infographic: See Which Marvel Characters Grew Up in Your Hometown

Geeky Infographic: See Which Marvel Characters Grew Up in Your Hometown

Jun 30, 2014

Marvel Origins infographic characters

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering what your favorite Marvel Comics’ characters hometowns are, this infographic is going to make your day.

Movoto, the guys who gave us the awesome infographic about supervillain hideouts, is back with another exhaustive chart – this time chronicling the birthplaces of the biggest heroes and bad guys in Marvel’s extended universe. If you’ve ever found yourself asking where Deathlok was born, the answer is here (P.S. – it’s Detroit.)

A quick glance at the chart, which features the hometowns of 75 different Marvel characters, reveals that a whole lot of superpowered folks were born in New York. Must be something in the water. Guys like Captain America and Venom hail from the Big Apple itself, while some call Long Island, Schenectady and various other parts of New York home.

Of course, New York doesn’t have all the mutants – some hail from other countries (Apocalypse is from Egypt, Wolverine and his nemesis Sabretooth hail from Canada), others from different parts of the U.S. (Jubilee was born in Beverly Hills, Beast in Illinois). Doctor Doom, meanwhile, was born in a place that doesn’t actually exist: Hassenstadt, Latveria.

If you’ve got some time to kill and a burning curiosity about all things Marvel, then this infographic is something you’ll want to study at length.

Check out a larger version by clicking on the image below.

Marvel Origins infographic

[via Movoto]




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