Watch: This Awesome Video Reveals Almost Every Hidden Marvel-Movie Easter Egg

Watch: This Awesome Video Reveals Almost Every Hidden Marvel-Movie Easter Egg

Aug 01, 2014

Iron ManIf there’s one thing comic geeks love, it’s spotting all the little in-jokes, hints, and Easter eggs littered throughout their favorite reading material. So, it should be no surprise that these same megafans love pouring over every frame of the Marvel Studios movies looking for the same sort of minutia. Luckily for them, the folks behind the films are all too happy to oblige them by including tons of inside jokes and callbacks to earlier films and comics.

Even the biggest Marvel maniac is unlikely to catch every hidden reference buried in the company’s films, but this video from MTV will help both casual and hard-core fans alike find some new goodies hidden in the studio’s first eight features. From Iron Man through Thor: The Dark World, this clip has you covered.

While some of the reveals are pretty obvious (it’s funny to think people would need to be told who Stan Lee is with his first cameo, but I worked in a comic shop, so maybe I’m biased), others are much more obscure. Some, like a billboard featuring dragon Fin Fang Foom are the kind of thing you would probably only spot on repeated viewings where you were specifically looking for hidden clues.

The video is pretty amazing if you love Marvel movies as much as we do. It stops before Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and for some strange reason doesn’t include Ang Lee’s Hulk film, but it’s still certainly worth seeing so you can impress your friends the next time you watch The Avengers.

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